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What Is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a versatile framework that guides therapists in customizing their approach based on the unique information provided by each client. We firmly believe that there is no universal solution to life's challenges. Instead, we employ a diverse set of techniques from various disciplines, which have proven to be highly effective in facilitating change. These techniques are then adapted to meet the distinct needs of each individual client.

Our approach diverges from traditional hypnotherapy in that we do not rely on scripts, nor do we address issues superficially by their labels. Recognizing the uniqueness of every person, we focus on the specific experiences that have shaped their beliefs—often in unhelpful ways. Our goal is to "de-hypnotize" clients, allowing them to discard limiting beliefs and embrace the power of choice. By doing so, they can break free from the constraints of their past and actively shape their own destiny.

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy combines insights from neuroscience, positive psychology, evolutionary psychology, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to provide a customized approach for achieving personal goals and aligning with individual values and needs.


How Does Cognitive Hypnotherapy Work?

Cognitive Hypnotherapists posit that problems arise from imbalances between the conscious and unconscious mind systems. The conscious mind handles logical thinking and interpretation, while the unconscious mind manages emotional intelligence, instincts, habits, and past experiences to make sense of the present. Though the unconscious mind's primary goal is protection, it can trigger unhelpful emotional responses and reactive behaviors.


In essence, the mind becomes "hypnotized" into perceiving and reacting in specific ways. Cognitive Hypnotherapy works to "de-hypnotize" clients, altering their thought patterns and behaviors related to the issue at hand. By harmonizing the conscious and unconscious minds, clients regain control over problematic aspects of their lives, fostering positive emotional, cognitive, and behavioral changes that contribute to a happier, more productive life.

What If I Can't Be hypnotised?

Hypnosis isn't something done to you; it's a natural state of mind that you experience daily without even realizing, such as when you daydream or drive on autopilot.

In our sessions, you'll remain in complete control, relaxing to the extent that feels right for you. As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I serve as your guide—similar to navigating while you drive a car. You steer the vehicle and provide the destination, while I use your directions to help you reach your goals through a tailored approach designed to fulfill your unique needs and desired outcomes.

How Can I Help?

In our 60 to 90-minute sessions, we'll collaborate to rewire and re-educate your brain, with the goal of desensitizing past memories and fostering new perspectives as you progress towards a brighter future. Additionally, you'll acquire tools and techniques to effectively handle everyday challenges as they emerge.

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