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Neurofeedback Therapy

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a method that feeds brain activity back to the brain itself, allowing it to comprehend, regulate, and modify its operations for optimal performance - it's essentially a workout for your brain.

The activity in your brain underpins all your emotions and actions. Our life experiences shape our perceptions and beliefs, which in turn shape our reality. If our brains are accustomed to functioning in certain ways, this might not be conducive to our most fulfilling and healthy life.

Our brain creates vital neurochemicals that govern daily functions such as behaviour, emotions, mood, appetite, cognition, learning, and memory, among others. Even minor fluctuations in these chemicals can drastically affect our quality of life, even if we display "normal" brain function. Many people rely on daily medication to adjust these imbalances, but these solutions often provide only temporary relief and don't address the core issue.


Understanding Neurofeedback Requires a Basic Grasp of Brainwaves.

Brainwaves are electrical signals produced when your brain cells interact. They provide insights into our emotions, functionality, thought patterns, stress levels, underlying mood, and overall brain function. An optimally functioning brain can flexibly shift between different attention and arousal states as required by different situations. A dysregulated brain, however, struggles with this, leading to a misalignment within itself. Many disorders and imbalances result from the inappropriate dominance of certain brainwave frequencies due to undesirable brain activity.

Neurofeedback involves monitoring brainwave activity via scalp sensors. This activity is then processed through advanced computer software and fed back to the brain in a recognizable format, allowing the brain to adjust its activity for optimal operation.

Neurofeedback is side effect-free, and "brain training" is unnoticeable. It is a learning process, so once negative information and activities are no longer reinforced, they will not persist.

Generally, we are unconscious of our brain's workings. However, when we use Neurofeedback to enhance our life quality, we may realize how much more liberating and light optimal functioning feels.


Neurofeedback offers an immense potential for life enhancement. It is entirely safe, straightforward, enjoyable, and painless. Anyone, regardless of their brain's current state, can use Neurofeedback to improve their life in ways they never thought possible.

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